Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time flies

So how you been?

Me? I'm good. I've been around, just not here. Sort of Where's Waldo-esque. Had you known where to look you might have seen me:


On the beach in the Bahamas after swimming with the dolphins. Very cool, excpet for the wet suit. It wasn't painful to wear, just painful to look at after the fact. There is definitely a market for more flattering water wear.

Sitting at a bus stop at a Disney resort. Repeatedly. Very NOT cool. Next visit I'm going back to my first love, the Polynesian. In fashion news, I discovered bandanas. No time to shampoo, no problem. This is my new look. Much easier.
Here we are at Magin Kingdom. Notice how I'm usually behind someone? Strategy at its finest.
And while there's no photographic evidence, I've also been to Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Clear Lake, Eagle Grove, Ames, and a few other assorted destinations.
Somewhere in the middle I had a birthday and spent my birthday week (and a little beyond) going out with my friends!! I have great friends!! The fam actually got a little miffed because I was gone "too much," but really, how can you turn down a birthday invitation. That would be rude.
So here we are this week, which has been spent in more than one medical office. Anyone who knows me knows this is completely out of character. I hate going to the doctor and only go if forced, like today. I do manage to visit the dentist twice a year, which is a good thing because I found out yesterday that I have a dental isse. A MAJOR dental issue. A big bucks kind of issue. Something I've never heard of before. Whose fault is that? I guess I'll find out tomorrow, when I have another appointment. This time with a specialist who will hopefully offer me a payment plan because the previously mentioned vacation broke the bank.
It's good to visit with you again! Let's go out for a drink. I think I'm going to need it.