Monday, September 23, 2013

Marlo Thomas, I miss you

I find myself in a moral conundrum today.

In my mailbox, I received a solicitation for a donation with some mailing labels included. Yes, that's right. Freebie mailing labels. The one thing on Earth I covet more than anything. Remember this?

Except these weren't from Marlo Thomas. They were from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I know what you're thinking -- what's her problem with breast cancer research.

Well, nothing. I believe strongly in a yearly mammogram, and I hope you do, too. The reality is I'm likely to wind up as one of the women benefitting from that research someday -- breast cancer runs deep in my family. I've watched friends fight it it as well.

But . . . . The Susan G. Komen Foundation  unfunded another organization in 2012 that provides breast cancer screening and education to women. And while the funding was restored after a public backlash, the foundation lost my support.

Morals vs. mailing labels. No one ever said life was easy.