Monday, August 1, 2011

Hoop-lah all wet 2011, vol. 2

You might think I haven't spent much time at the pool this summer. Believe me, I have spent lots of time there. I've looked for good stories to share, but it's been sort of slow. Even with raging teenage hormones. Yawn . . . show me something else. I'm bored.

That changed today when I saw the one-legged lifeguard.

Try wrapping your mind around that. A thousand questions and thoughts flooded my head when I saw him as I floated the lazy river.

WOW!  How can he stand there? Does he have a crutch? Maybe I can't see it. What AMAZING balance. Can he propel himself in the water with only one leg? WOW, that kid is an inspiration . . .

And then I floated around the bend and saw that he, in fact, had two legs. Total party foul.

I'm blaming it on the Coppertone.

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