Friday, March 23, 2012

Service with a smile

Carly volunteered this week at the in-home daycare that she and Riley attended before they were old enough for school. Her volunteerism is part of a community service project that fifth-graders in our school do each spring. Riley volunteered at the local congregate meal site serving lunch to seniors. I remember them as being very interested in talking his ear off!

The kids doing these projects are required to identify where they will volunteer, get it approved, make a call to set it up, and then show up to fulfill their time and work obligations. When the service is over, they make a poster and give a presentation to their class about what they did. A true lesson in responsibility and giving back.

I don't think Carly expected to work as hard as she did. Anyone who has been around young children knows that they can move a mile a minute. She played games, led circle time, did flashcards, led an expedition to cheese park, helped make lunch, and more. Somehow she escaped diaper duty though!

Here is a picture of Carly and Becky and the kids who were there today.

I have to tell you how lucky we were to find Becky. She loves those kids and they all love her back. My kids have such great memories of the time they spent with her. I still miss seeing her and it's been six years since Carly started school!

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