Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I-o-wa gurls are unforgettable

Katy Perry paid us a visit last night for Beggar's Night. I LOVE Halloween!! The kids are cute, most everyone likes candy, and who can resist dressing up for a few hours. Around Des Moines, the tradition is for the kids to tell a joke to get their treat. This goes WAY back . . . can't tell you when it started, but it's what we did when I went trick or treating many, many years ago. Like 35 years ago. You can always tell who the long-time residents are - we're the ones asking for the jokes. It was so popular back in the day that the Des Moines Register used to print a special joke section the Sunday before Beggar's Night. Somehow that went by the wayside, as did our elementary school Halloween parade and gym fun house. All of which, in my opinion, are signs of societal decline.

But I digress. My favorite joke from last night: What does an eye doctor give out at Halloween? Candy corneas!

My only sadness is that once the kids hit middle school age most people think they're too old to trick or treat. If they put on a costume and tell me a joke, they're always welcome!

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