Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Neither my ovary or I can find our way home

It turns out a camera shy ovary isn't a big deal. If your ovary looks like an inflamed ball of lava, then you have a problem. Mine is apparently in there somewhere hanging out, breaking curfew. When it shows up, it is totally grounded for not calling. In the meantime, I have to have another blood test. I'd like to complain, but I'm trying to be more positive in the New Year. So yeah for doctors and their pokey needles! And yeah for this blog, which is both educational and entertaining!

I had a good laugh today reading Riley's semester report card online. One of the comments was, "Is a pleasure to have in class." From a teacher who called me a while back to tell me specifically he was not a pleasure to have in class. I'm guessing she selected the same comment for everyone. Of course, he could be shaping up. Or wearing a fake mustache and glasses to class. I'll have to ask him which one he thinks it is.

I spent the afternoon trying to go around the block with the new Garmin GPS we received for Christmas. I'm still lost. One of the kids is going to have to show us how it works. And what is the deal with having to print your own user's manual? 32 sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper won't store in the glove box as nicely as a booklet. Hello manufacturers? Isn't that sort of obvious? And how about an ovary finder ap for those of us who need it? That's me, always the idea person.

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