Friday, January 21, 2011

The School of Hard Knocks

I made it to Riley's practice last night in time to see him get a verbal smackdown. It's an interesting part of parenting - standing by and watching something happen. And wondering what you do - if anything.

I chose to do nothing, even though the mama bear in me wanted to rumble. He is my baby after all. But I know this kid really well. And one of the things he has to learn (hopefully someday, please God) is to talk less and listen more. I saw enough to know he wasn't listening, he was too busy arguing.

That kid came out of the womb arguing. It's obviously part of his genetic makeup. He has always believed he knows more than me and you and everyone else. It's an attitude that can send teachers and coaches and sisters and occasionally (!) parents over the edge.

I just wish he could figure that out.

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