Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The highlight video ESPN missed

Ankeny South or Hawks or whatever we call them these days came in second at yesterday's Waukee Invitational. It was a really great meet. 306 boys from 13 area middle schools.

I really enjoy watching the kids run. It impresses me every time how fast they are and how much they improve from week to week.

As for our Hoop-lah, he ran his fastest race yet at 11:18. Some of you might notice last week's time was 11:15, but that course was shorter by two-tenths of a mile. He came in second yesterday, :09 behind a kid from Ames who is unbelievably fast. He needs to watch out though; Riley is already planning his strategy for next week. That kid totally cracks me up. Stay tuned to see how he does.

And here's a little video. Don't expect much; we're amateurs.

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