Monday, December 12, 2011

SIRI says get a life

I knew getting an I-Phone would be problematic. Despite my attempts to bond, it is resisting. Doing things like this. Now I know a little photo editing software would solve the problem. But it went bye-bye when my hard drive crashed. And my printer no longer works with my "new" operating system. But I haven't had a free second to take care of either thing.

I've been too busy asking SIRI if Riley is a dork. And pinpointing my living room via GPS. And watching You Tube videos. And looking up the capital of West Virginia. You know, important stuff that is way more fun on a phone. And a little more time consuming because I am, after all, over 40. It takes me a little longer to figure things out. The Hoop-lahs had it down in 30 seconds. Or less. Sigh . . .

So for now, turn your monitor sideways. These boys will look just great. They won their division in last weekend's Duel in December. The other 8th grade Kingdom Hoops team also won its division. How cool is that?

Next weekend they're off to Cedar Falls. Carly and I are staying here. "We" have a dog sitting gig - which means I'll watch the dog and she'll get paid. Be sure to check back for a sideways picture of a very cute Golden Doodle named Coco! 

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