Thursday, February 24, 2011

The futility of arguing with me

It's almost the end of the month, which means I need to pick up another pair of shoes to keep my New Year's resolution on track. It's a cruel joke, really, when you want to buy something, but nothing meets your criteria of comfy, cute and cheap. What's a girl to do?

This girl headed to accessories, where I found this. Love it! I know my male readers are thinking what the hell, who wants to hear about a purse? Just come back tomorrow, I'll talk about sports or something.

It was love at first sight. I thought it was pink, but now I think it's red, but either way it's not black. And it's got a great long strap, a must have in my book. The icing on the cake was that I got a great deal, but only because I argued my point with the salesclerk. It was on a table with a sign that read "25 percent off ticketed price." In my mind, that means 25 percent off the ticketed price, which was $38.99. Not according to the clerk. Her theory was that the price, $38.99, already reflected the 25 percent off. But that wasn't what the sign said. She finally gave up. With my bonus 20 percent coupon after that, I picked that baby up for $20 odd dollars. But don't ask me the exact price. Who knows? Math was never my strong suit.

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  1. Love the purse, love the story! I also really enjoyed the Mike Monday :- )