Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a Mike Monday

You can tell spring is in the air by the number of birds hanging out in the front yard this weekend. I know there is only one bird in this picture - you, bloggy friend, are a stickler for details - but that is because I'm a bad photographer. It was like a Black Friday shopping mob out there.

The humans weren't the only ones who noticed. Mike was mesmerized and stood on two paws watching for longer than you would think a cat could. He seemed so hopeful, watching and waiting for an opportunity. Occasionally he'd let out a pitiful meow, leaving no doubt that his house-bound status was cramping his cat style.

Eventually he gave up and went back to his new normal routine - shooting toward the door the second he senses it about to open. Like a cat that's been cooped up too long. Ahhh spring . . .

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