Monday, February 14, 2011

A Hallmark moment

Carly left me a message this morning on the floor of her room. The beads in the middle spelled out "love," although by the time I took this picture someone had moved them. But you can clearly see the red heart and the "you."

She can now have whatever she wants for the rest of her life.

I am so glad that my kids feel comfortable expressing how they feel. It is the thing I do least well. A direct result, I think, of growing up with a parent who should love you, but who leaves without a second thought or a phone call or a visit or anything. I learned at a young age that life hurts more when love is involved, so it's better to keep emotions and people at arm's length. (Although I am sure my life coach would have a thing or two to say about why this doesn't work.)

And I'm smart enough to know it doesn't. So I've tried really hard to help my kids feel comfortable with emotion and affection, so that my issue didn't become theirs. When they do something like this, I think - at least for today - I must be doing something right.

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