Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's Go Bowling!

Who remembers Let's Go Bowling? If you grew up in Iowa in the 1970s, it was must-see TV on the weekends. In fact, it was on the air for more than 30 years. Hosted by Jim Zabel, a name most Iowans will know.

When my brother and I were kids, we bowled every Saturday morning at Ankeny Lanes. Bowling runs deeps in my family. My parents bowled, my grandpa bowled well into his 80s, and my brother continues to bowl. He rolled his first 300 last night, an achievement most bowlers never reach. His accomplishment led to this exchange with my mom. Enjoy!


  1. My mom swears there is another side to the story. But no one wants to hear it because we're too busy laughing.