Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Scenes from Portland II

Me and my two handsome dates at the Trailblazers game. Don't let the empty seats in this picture fool you. The Rose Garden was packed.

We waited in line Monday morning outside of this doughnut shop for 30 minutes. Well worth the wait, although I dropped an Andrew Jackson on a dozen doughnuts. There was a homeless man outside the shop who looked as if he worked the corner regularly. I had to admire his choice of locations. A crowd and impossible to ignore the disparity between the have and have nots. Very interesting doughnut choices inside, including one called the cock and balls. Shaped exactly like it sounds. Sorry, no photos of that.

Across the street from the doughnut shop was this sign. Portland was a little weird, but a friendly kind of weird. Maybe one of these days I'll make it back.

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