Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The start of my own HGTV show

When people hear I work from home they usually assume it's a great gig, which it is in many ways. I can do my laundry whenever. It doesn't matter when or if I shower. And it's great for keeping an eye on the neighbors.

But there are a few downsides. Mostly the lack of a fully staffed cafeteria and no cleaning service.

When my office closed two years ago we had to make a space for me to work. Our house isn't large enough to have a separate office, so we cleaned out a room up front that served no real purpose, painted the walls, replaced the carpet, bought a desk and voila - office sweet office.

The problem now is that I'm feeling claustrophobic. Staring at the same white wall day after day after day is making me nuts. So I've decided to liven it up.

I remember hearing a decorating expert on HGTV say that you should cut out the shapes of the things you want to display, then move them around until you find an arrangement that works. This is what my wall looks like today.

I have some artwork to frame and some cool (i.e., expensive) Pottery Barn shelves to buy. And then - in what has to be evidence of my white wall insanity - I'm going to spray paint those white Pottery Barn shelves and hope for the best.

D-I-Y is not my strong suit. So this could get interesting.

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