Monday, July 9, 2012

Life lessons from the court

Last weekend these boys won the Great States Tournament at the Target Center in Minneapolis, challenging teams from Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. They ended their season on a high note, but victory was bittersweet. Ten of these boys start high school in the fall and NCAA rules will prohibit them from playing AAU ball during the regular season. Ankeny is building its second high school and, as a result, four of will go south, six will go north. They may not play together as a full team again.

Over the past four seasons alone, they've compiled a record of 227-45.

It has been a good ride.

What I appreciate the most is the lesson that our family learned about life, about having faith that when one door closes unexpectedly another door will open. What's behind that door just might be better than you ever imagined.

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