Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random hot dog, holiday and basketball musings

Where should I start with my weekend recap?

Perhaps with the Christmas present peeker caught red handed. Totally brings me down. But I'm out of hiding spaces. The only ones left are the attic and the neighbor's house. Neither of which strikes me as a good solution.

Then there is Riley's toe, which is purple, swollen and - I think - broken. Basketball mishap in the appropriately named "Fall Brawl" tournament. I took a picture, but can't post it. Don't want to scare the small children Internet surfing while their parents pay no attention. Good thing I'm a ninja master buddy taper, as well as a humanitarian.

But the best thing may be the Columbia jacket I wore all day in public yesterday without realizing there were two big mustard spots on the front. I don't remember using mustard, so I'm guessing I was randomly attacked by a hot dog. Which would also explain why my left shoulder hurts.
I'll leave you with a picture of the tournament champs. Riley is the one with the scary looking toe.

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