Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free for lunch tomorrow

So here's my problem . . . no grocery shopping means nothing to eat for lunch. I solved that issue yesterday by hitting Cazador's, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Ankeny. I love it there. They serve your chimichanga and your Diet Coke and then they leave you alone.

I aways sit and read Cityview or Juice, despite the fact I passed their demographic ages ago. But sometimes they run mug shots and I've seen an acquaintance or two. Not to say my crowd is prone to arrest, but you know how it goes.

Anyway, there still wasn't anything for lunch today. Because we are trying to spend less money, I looked in the fridge for something that wasn't moldy or runny. As luck would have it, I found leftover spaghetti sauce, two containers actually. One with meatballs, one without. No idea how long either had been there, but we haven't had spaghetti this week.

So I ate the one with meatballs. It tasted fine at the time, but now, NOW I'm beginning to think that wasn't the smartest idea. I feel a little funny, so you know what's going to hit in exactly one hour when I have to pick up Carly. My life is all about stomach trouble at inopportune times.

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