Monday, November 8, 2010

Rocking the homecation

Great weekend. Six basketball games in two days. Ankeny Storm is now 6-0. They rock. It's fun when the season starts and you get to see kids that you only see this time of year. Some of them have really grown. You don't notice it in your own kid day to day, but when you see someone else, it's amazing.

The bonus part of my weekend was not cooking a thing. We ate at Subway, Legends and Olive Garden. And I cleaned NUTH-in. (That is for the political commercial I can't get out of my head. You know which one.) Carly paid the price for my homecation this morning. NUTH-in to put in her lunch. I guess I'll have to grocery shop sometime today. But I'm only buying lunch items. If I buy anything else, they'll want to eat it and I'll have to cook it and the vicious cycle will start over.

Maybe I'll just call my mom and find out what she's making for dinner!

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