Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feed the homeless dog, the universe pays you back in pie

There's nothing I like more than pie. And free pie? Try to keep me away. That's how I found myself at Village Inn late last night. Wednesday is free pie day. Every single week. Don't ask how I know that. The place is always packed. Apparently I'm not the only one looking to save a buck.

The late-night food crowd is an interesting bunch. There's everyone from large groups hungry after a night out to men by themselves, perhaps traveling salesmen or unlucky online daters. A few young families with zombies disguised as children. And employees who probably got the night shift because they make inappropriate comments with kids around. Trust me on that one.

The food is piled HIGH. And everyone is eating like it's their last meal, except for the zombies, who are asleep nose-deep in ketchup. It's like a summer version of Thanksgiving dinner - eat as much as you can, then go sleep somewhere while those fat cells multiply.

 Ah-hem . . . so this is the part where I have to admit I ate two pieces of pie. But it was FREE pie. One cherry ala mode and one strawberry supreme. I only did it to be gracious after the waitress made a mistake. What can I say? It was the right thing to do. And then I went home and went to bed.

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