Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hump Day Hoop-lah

Ten things I learned in Minneapolis

1. These boys rock. They took second place in the Great States Tournament, which started with more than 600 teams from Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

2. Sleep Number Beds also rock.

3. It is impossible to sleep in a hotel room with someone who snores. That does not rock. Next time he gets the bathtub.

4. I have a soft spot for homeless dogs and their people.

5. There is still no pizza better than Ankeny's own Leaning Tower.

6. Never, ever eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Most expensive meal of the weekend.

7. Riding the train is a great opportunity to study human behavior.

8. Staying on the hotel's 13th floor is a little creepy.

9. It's impossible to say no to American Girl.

10. If you forget the movies for the DVD player, spend your last $15 to buy one for the ride home.
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  1. Luv this post! I have a dog and I've learned that my furry family members can be as expensive as my non-furry family members.. Okay, that's a big, fat lie. Aside from my daughter. I don't have any non-fury family members - that walk upright.. My husband and my sons are so hairy they probably qualify for vet visits! :D
    Now stalking you!