Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random Saturday stuff

We spent most of the day yesterday watching baseball. Won one, lost one. And it was hot out there. Pretty sure deodorant is waste of effort on days like that. Phew! But the bonus was seeing fireworks from the Cubs game and the Yankee Doodles Pop concert as I drove north on 14th Street last night about 10. Great viewing point. The traffic was terrible though. You could tell there was a lot going on in the metro.

Back to fields this morning and maybe this afternoon or tomorrow. Schedule depends on how they do in their 9 am game. Did I mention that we have the most technologically advanced baseball team around? Thanks to one smart Dad, who has an app on his I Phone that allows those of us at home to know what's happening in the game moment by moment at our computers at home. Trust me. It's cool.

Speaking of cool, I think a family trip to the pool is what we need today.

I took the first step in my good deed yesterday. Did you find a way to help someone else?

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