Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day memories

I thought you would enjoy this photo of the Hoop-lahs and their cousins (from top) Connor, Tori and Brody.

We met up in East Moline last weekend for a 50th anniversary party for Big Dog's parents. The last time we saw the cousins in Pennsylvania Tori was just a baby. Time goes by so fast.

We worked a lot into three days. Got our picture taken, ate at Hungry Hobo, Roy's Tacos (an old favorite of Big Dog's brother), Whitey's ice cream (twice!), and Happy Joes, where the kids played on the jungle gym and in game room. Probably the last time on the jungle gym for Riley. He is too big (surprise) to go down the slides anymore. A party, swimming at the hotel, hustling back for a baseball game yesterday . . . nonstop all weekend long.

Those kids are adorable. I enjoyed every minute of being with them. Well, except for the part where the photographer referred to me as Tori's grandma. Say what?

Here are a few more photos from the weekend.

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