Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Much ado about nothing

Instead of a long and hilarious post like always, I'm shaking it up today with some quick observations, things you certainly need to know.
  1. By now you've heard that my friend Rick was arrested last week. You don't really believe he's guilty, do you? I am sure he was framed. He looks so sad in his mug shot. You know I was the first person he called...
  2. Turns out I was the 8 year old jacks champion during the 1975 Ankeny Centennial. Who knew? Certainly not me until I stumbed across my name and picture at the Ankeny Historical Museum. Where are my endorsement deals, my fame? Hmmm . . . there's got to be a reality show in there somewhere.
  3. Riley ran the mile yesterday in 5:41 - the fastest time among the 600+ kids in his grade. And he hit a home run Sunday. Obviously, he gets his athletic prowess from me (see above).

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