Saturday, May 14, 2011

What would you do?

We're back to basketball this weekend. Baseball too. That's a good thing because we're programmed to go a mile a minute all weekend long. Seven games over three days and interestingly the times don't conflict. Whoever planned those schedules gets a big kiss and a hug from me. LUCKY!

But here's the thing . . . as happy as we were to get back to business, my heart broke for a group of boys from Minnesota who were being berated by their basketball coach after a loss. In a parking lot next to the exit and witnessed by a stream of parents and players on their way out.

Not just berated. Public humiliation. Mean and loud and vulgar.

On the way home, I commented about how it felt like an episode of "What Would You Do?" The parents of those boys stood there and let it happen until finally one mom said something, only to have the coach turn on her. No one else intervened, parent or otherwise.

But we should have.

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