Thursday, May 19, 2011

Setting an example . . . or not

Did you read the article in the Register today about the local dad being arrested for causing a ruckus at a kids' game? A game for six year olds. You can read about it here.

Regular Hoop-lah'ers know bad sportsmanship is one of my pet peeves, mentioned once, twice, three times. In general, I average six games a week and have seen adult after adult after adult act like jackasses. They question calls, they yell at their kids, they yell at other kids. They berate officials, coaches, other parents . . . It goes on and on and on.

And I always wonder how they conduct themselves in other parts of life when they are unable to control themselves at a kids' game. Key words there being kids and game. Because honestly, no matter how much of a superstar little Johnny or Janey might be now, chances are they're going to grow up and be working stiffs like everyone else . . . who have to know how to get along with others and persevere when life throws the occasional curve ball.

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